Friday, February 22, 2008

My First HotWheel

This is Tyler receiving his VERY FIRST Hotwheel from Dad. Hot Wheels are a HUGE thing in our home. Warren is a huge collector. And the boy being the boys that they are, fallow right in Daddys foot steps. Since this pic Tyler has probly over 2000 hot wheels and he is ONLY 3 now!

Fav Moments

This is probly one of my FAV moments. This is a pic of Andrew and Warren When Warren had just returned from his deployment 1 year in Iraq. It was his sec tour there. Its Always so very emotienol at the Home commings. And I managed to capture one of those moments here.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Oh Ye This is Me!

This is me with my boys!

I for got one!

This is our Pressious Boxer Hank! He is the biggest baby. And is SO GREAT with the boys. He talerates so much from Tyler. He is by far the BEST DOG EVER! We love him SO MUCH!

This is My Family

This is my Family MY BOYS!

And this is Warren!

This is Warren, My husband od 10 years now. He is a US ARMY SOLDIER. and real War hero. In a Nut shell we are VERY PROUD of him!

My Sweet Andrew

And this is Andrew. He is my oldest. He is the quiet one. He trys to stay out of trouble. Was a Very good baby. And there were no terrible 2's for this guy. He trys to be funny. He has a sweet personality. His brother seems to know how to push his buttons. Andrew loves to be around relitives. He loves his family. He has a TN Ma n Pa and Aunts and Uncles and Cousins in TN He loves to visit. And he has aMD Ma n Pa and a MD Pap Pap and aunt there he loves to go see also.
He seems to love Family events with our relitives. I love this about him. Always out for a good time.

My Sweet Tyler

This is Tyler, He is my youngest. He has been a HOOT to have. As IM sure you can see. He started young. I can only imagen what the Teen age years will be like. I have a feeling im in for a ride.

He def has his moments, But he also dose the sweetest things. And is To funny. AS you read my blog of my boys im sure you will see there personalitys come out. I hope you Enjoy taking this journey with us.